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How to maintain your vehicle battery

Whatever you’re driving, it all starts with your vehicle battery. It cranks the engine and powers your lights and other electrical accessories, so you want to make sure that it is in optimal working condition.

In this section we provide some general advice on maintaining and caring for your marine, deep cycle and truck battery units.

Preventative Maintenance

A range of factors can impact the performance of your vehicle battery. In order to make sure that your car or truck battery stays in optimal condition, you should have it regularly tested at Tyrepower.


Having your car or truck battery tested on a regular basis is essential. Normal wear and tear can take a toll, and some problems can only be discovered by proper inspection.

Some of the tests we run at Tyrepower include checking for surface charge, measuring the state-of-charge and load testing. Thorough inspection means that you can make sure your unit lasts as long as possible. Learn more about testing services.


SuperCharge offer reasonable warranties for a variety of there quality batteries, giving you peace of mind.

Please note:

  • Warranty is conditional upon practice within manufacturers’ guidelines and specifications
  • Warranty is cancelled if battery packs are opened and original seals are broken
  • Warranty is cancelled if batteries are directly connected to moisture.
  • SuperCharge Gold Plus Sealed MF – Up to 40 months
  • SuperCharge Silver Plus Sealed MF – Up to 30 months
  • SuperCharge PowerStation Accessible – Up to 24 months
  • SuperCharge Truck Master Accessible – Up to 24 months
  • SeaMaster Gold Sealed MF – Up to 24 months
  • SeaMaster Accessible – Up to 18 months
  • AMP-TECH Deep Cycle – Up to 12 months
  • Allrounder Dual Purpose – Up to 12 months
  • X-Pack Conventional Accessible – Up to 12 months
  • Taxi Use – Up to 6 months
  • All Batteries for Commercial Use – 12 months

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